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Digital Marketing

Don't know your SEO from your EDM, CR from Bounce? You will find coal face insight here... 


New prospect conversion funnel

In this brief example we highlight an example conversion funnel developed for the practical goal of generating qualified contacts (prospects). The funnel can be adapted in support of online sales, marketing campaigns, brand development, contact generation and even recruitment.

The website based conversion funnel

In this short insight piece, Paul Brown, Submarine's creative and marketing senior, will show you how we can help you create a simple and effective communication funnel utilising your website, combined with social media, electronic direct mail (EDM) and analytics. 

Kings Premier Health Club recruitment advertising improved

Submarine have recently improved the recruitment strategy of Kings Premier Health Club through the use of social media, digital creative, boost tactics and qualitative analytics. Read more.

Kings websites launched

Kings have launched two mobile friendly websites in support of Kings Health Club and Marina Health and Leisure, with additional support for digital marketing.

Insight posts - creative

SeaChange Recruitment, short brand

Seachange Recruitment approached Submarine for creative support towards the launch of their CI based executive recruitment start-up. A short brand was developed with a low maintenance, content managed website in support. Brand, website launch and additional support towards digital marketing.

Interben - new finance brand

When international finance provider Nordben required a new brand entity to extend their portfolio through the Channel Islands, Submarine senior creative Paul Brown was engaged to guide the process and develop the new identity. Read more.

Pauls Motors (Skoda) brand and business support website

Advanced website functions save time and improve the used car sales process for Paul's Motors, the leading Channel Island Skoda dealership. Website development with additional support  and CMS tools for digital marketing.

Have you landed here from a web search?

Submarine are a technical and creative solutions provider based on the island of Guernsey near the French coast. Our field of operation is generally the Channel Islands although we do service clients with wider operations within Europe.