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Cross channel creative

Submarine has the capability in-house to design and fulfil a full range of services beyond website and UI delivery. Our lead designer has over 20 years creative experience having provided solutions across a wide range of industry in the North of England and in the Channel Islands, including corporate finance.  Disciplines include brand development, digital media (web, mobile, video, screen presentations), exhibition stand and large output conference support, packaging, corporate marketing (stationary, brochures, EDMs, PDFs), print and product design. 

The capability to work across media is particularly useful for digital transition when the solution will often include a print element (such as a new print on demand function replacing traditional print and storage) and also for new projects that may require an identity or short brand that will encompass a range of file delivery formats. Expandable vector art, CMYK / RGB / Pantone colours and high resolution images which combine to work equally well on screen and in print, are the core foundation of this process. This approach avoids issues later with incompatibility. 

With website development, clarity and function are a critical component of the design including consideration for the navigation, user journey and wider functions that will engage with the user such as the local weather stream included with our Guernsey Harbours build. 

For Channel Island health & safety experts ISS, the focus is on providing clear information to their target commercial and local authority users, hence the high contrast colour scheme, three direct channels to core services in the header navigation and the large phone number to encourage contact.  Despite this, there is value in an engaging visual statement through the static hero banner which qualifies the purpose of the website re-enforced by the messaging editable in the CMS.

Submarine's ability to be view a project in context and be agile and direct when required is helpful when time is short. For Connaught, we produced two project identities within a few days in order to round out the presentation of an investment opportunity in the Far East. 

For this local CIPD event theme, strong earthy and bold colours / shapes were required with a sense of natural growth. This first round response (part shown) provided several strong ideas and led the team towards an early decision on direction. 

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