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Submarine works across multiple sectors including local government, finance and tourism. As such, we enjoy a wide and varied clientele who in turn offer their customers a broad spectrum of services. You can view brief highlights of these projects through the link panel below.

Remaining open minded, flexible and agile has enabled Submarine to broaden its offer and become a leading company in Guernsey for web and digital services. We support the wider Channel Islands too including Alderney and several of our clients have global reach with significant operations across Europe and Ireland.

Forward looking... and thinking
Submarine  prides itself on the legacy of project solutions we have produced over two decades although we never stand still. We continue to enthusiastically invest in the industry with cutting edge development in areas of interest and potential.  Two of these are the exploration of 360 video and VR environments, particularly the practical application and delivery of these technologies to a wider audience through existing platforms, mobile apps and web pages. For a glimpse of 360 via Google StreetView, enjoy a short tour of Castle Cornet in Guernsey.  Submarine are often ahead of the technical curve and we have expert skills in support of early adoption - code and database expertise well beyond the web including C sharp (C#) .net and MySQL.

This investment allows Submarine to create bespoke applications, re-configure 'off the shelf' packages and build high performance websites paying particular attention to security, a priority that is generally last on the project wish list although critical to its on-going success. Google take this seriously and will rank down websites in their search engine results that include form input without SSL protection (seen as HTTPs in the domain address). Coincidentally, you can gain a ranking a boost by including and correctly configuring a Google profile... often overlooked, this is included on Submarine's pre-flight check list for new website developments. 

Mobile and tablet support
The use of handheld devices, such as mobile phones and tablets has grwon at a rapid rate alongside core technologies and extended features. GPS, for example, is a powerful built in technology that is often overlooked. A practical example of how Submarine's broad capability can be applied to accessible tech is evidenced in the development of an interactive map for walking and cycling. Working with States of Guernsey Traffic Team, Submarine developed a mobile app for the island's Ruettes Tranquilles (quiet lanes) which is free to download on Android, Windows and Apple iOS. In addition, we produced a map booklet with the collected data which is available in print and as a shareable PDF

Decisions informed by analytics
Submarine track trends for our clients with analytics and statistical packages which enable us to forward plan and qualify proposals for your target audience. For Kings Health Club, this confirmed its decision to focus on mobile phone and tablet in its latest website development. Optimising websites for mobile browsers is a continuing portion of our business and mobile app development continues to expand.


Projects of interest