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Mapping Solutions

Geographic Information Systems utilising a variety of mapping technologies, are part of modern life and should be part of your business or strategy. At a minimum level your business should be available on all maps from Google to Bing to Apple to Nokia and all that’s in-between. Not only do people look at maps on their PCs but increasingly at apps on mobile devices and satnav systems. These maps suggest businesses in the area and give directions. If you are not on the map, your business is missing out.

Although Guernsey is not officially available on Google Map’s StreetView, there are ways of getting your business included. Submarine can do this for you. Essential for restaurateurs and hoteliers, and indeed for all businesses, it is important to show customers where your business is located and how to get there. Don’t give your competitors business that should be coming your way and look at Mapping Solutions with Submarine.

The application of mapping technology is many fold. Submarine has proven experience of Open and Closed platforms.

Some other benefits of using mapping technologies:

  • Importing sales data into maps can provide your business with competitive advantages

  • Travel and transport providers can build apps that provide their drivers with location detail

  • Business owners can use apps to track their fleet at any time of the day

  • Government Agencies can use maps to predict trends in crime and road accidents