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Ruettes Tranquilles mobile app launched

Walking and Cycling Guernsey
Ruettes Tranquilles (quiet lanes) can be found on Guernsey in the parishes of Castel, Forest, St Andrew, St Martin, St Saviour, St Sampson and Vale. Priority is given for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, and the lanes have a recommended speed limit of 15 mph for motor vehicles.

The lanes will take you through some of the island’s most scenic and peaceful areas often opening up to a unique scenic viewpoint or previously un-discovered natural beauty spot that the island has become famous for.

Ruettes tranquilles mobile app launched

All entry points into the network of Ruettes Tranquilles are signed with green plaques although can they be difficult to find and navigate. The 'Walking and Cycling Guernsey' mobile app was developed by Submarine with the States of Guernsey Traffic and Highway Services team in order to help visitors and islanders discover these hidden gems. The app is free to download on AndroidWindows and Apple iOS.  In addition, Submarine produced a map booklet with the collected data which is available in print and as a shareable PDF

Two aspects of the app development are particularly notable - the map road, lane and path data is fed from a dynamic source allied to GPS technology (available on mobile phone and tablet) and key map information is stored locally on the device meaning that you can still use it on the move without an internet connection. Irrespective of this approach, the mobile app footprint remains relatively small.

You can download this app for the following platforms:


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